What is Robyn's Rocket?

A series of gigs at cafe OTO in east london (UK) that aim to make audience members and performers feel comfortable and welcome regardless of age, gender ,sexuality, race, language spoken or disability

offering audiences improvised music and art projected on walls and celling

experimental music 

Happy news

Robyn's Rocket was featured with Singer songwriter and fellow Heart N Soul artist Lizzie Emeh on the BBC world service.



Robyn's Rocket at the EFG jazz festival

7:30pm - 11pm

Cafe OTO

Event Details


Robyn's Rocket at the EFG jazz festival

steve pretty ( hackney colliery band) , Jamaica ( receenetkly supprted sly and th efamily drone) Bass heads (, Robyn Steward Plus live visuals on the ewaklls and cellings

7:30pm - 11pm

Cafe OTO

What we do

Rocket badges

2 people with badges on in the shape of rockets

allow people to show others how much communicatuion they want or do not want .

Put your rocket up if your happy to talk to anyone

sidewqays if you only ewant to talk to people you know

down iof you do noy want to talk to anyone

you can change your rocket badge poosistion as much as yoiu like

Home made spaceshsip stage


The stage is covered in silver, each artist has a shape and colour so that the audience can follow what's happening without having to understand spoken or written english

Merch table design


On the timetables is a list of merch, the merch is sorted by artists shape and colour



We dont jiust reley on writteern and spoken engliish we have pictures too

Feedback stars


so audiance and performers can leave anymnous postive abnd negative feedback which we can then act on to make future rockets evan better

Active hosting


I put a lt of energy inbto making peopele feel welcome

Ear defenders


Music is at the usual volume but if you need them you can borrow our defenders or we can give you some ear plugs

sun glasses


we do have a psychadelic live drawn light show but if its too bright we have sun glasses

Crew T shirts


so it's easy t find somone if you need help ( somtimes just this reassuranvce can allow people to have teh cinfidence to g to a gig

What to expect


before each Rocket I make a short document with photos which explain what will happen at the gig.

How too get to us photo step by step


Some venues like cafe OTO can be hard to find if its your first time there so I created a photo step by step guide

artists with and without learning disabilities


Artists with learning disabilities often only get t play at events put on for people with learning disabilities, `but I believe in booking bands and artists who are great regardless of disability.

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